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If you’ve already mastered the basics you can hire our boards and be free to make up your own adventures here in Scotland. We have a range of the most up-to-date equipment to suit all abilities.

Inflating your board

  1. To inflate, open the cap by turning it counterclockwise.
  2. Check and make sure the spring-loaded pin is not depressed and locked in the up position.
  3. To verify that the valve is not open, push the pin down and turn it clockwise. If the pin stays down, you have now opened that valve.
  4. To close it, turn the pin counterclockwise so it springs back up. Now the valve is closed.
  5. All inflation is done in the LOCKED UP position and deflation is done in the OPEN DOWN position.
  6. Push the fitting into the valve and turn clockwise to lock it.
  7. Inflate until you reach the required pressure (18PSI).
  8. After inflation disconnect the hose from the valve and close the valve with the cap.

Paddle Assembly & Adjustment

The aluminium paddle that comes with your board is easily assembled. The paddle comprises of 3 tubes which can just be inserted into one another.

First, insert the shaft with the handle into the central shaft and close the clamp on the outside of the central shaft to lock the two in place.

The central shaft then inserts into the shaft with the blade in a similar way. There is a pin at the bottom of the central shaft that you need to press before you can insert it.

This will then pop up through a hole once the 2 shafts have been connected, locking them together. For extra security close the clamp on the outside of the blade shaft. You can make the clamps tighter or looser any time you want. Simply undo them and then twist them clockwise to make them tighter or anti-clockwise to loosen them.

Then just close them again. To adjust the height of your paddle, open the clamp at the top of the central shaft. You are now free to extend or reduce the height of your paddle as the shaft with the handle in now free to move.

A good guide to follow when finding the ideal height for your paddle is to extend your arm above your head with just a slight bend in your elbow. Then with the blade of the paddle resting on the floor extend the height of the paddle such that the handle rests nicely in your palm.

Of course, paddle height is down to your preference so feel free to keep making adjustments until you find something that works for you.


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  • Includes paddle
  • Includes leash
  • Includes PFD


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